About Us


Wildin' was founded on the belief that clothing should not cause harm.

We believe in helping the environment as opposed to destroying it. For this reason, we have created a company around donating to endangered species conservation foundations and groups. Each collection donates ten percent of net profits to the animal or cause it represents. Our collections will broadly be donated to environmental causes with specific items stating their nature of donations. 

Not only do we believe in helping animals through our clothing, but people who create them as well. Between extensive background checks of all manufacturers to make sure workers are treated properly, as well as finishing a lot of the process personally, we can guarantee buying into Wildin' is also buying into the health and safety of other individuals around the world. We do not condone mistreatment of any sort from growing the cotton to the moment you receive your package and we do everything we can to monitor our processes and partners closely.

Finally, we do not believe in the standards placed on the fashion and retail industry. We promise our models are diverse and our photos unaltered. We invest in quality photographers that create beautiful images of real unedited people. Please note, in an effort to create an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community, we do occasionally feature ambassadors who have filtered or lightly edited their photos before submitting them. We still believe these images are beautiful and deserve to be shown off regardless of whether they meet the same standards of our own images.


Causes and donations

Here at Wildin’ we donate to our causes annually in order to stay up to date while also producing large donations all at once for each organization we support. As we grow our loving community, so will our donations and projects. For now, however, we are very happy with the support you all have given us! We are hoping for an even stronger year to come!


Defenders of Wildlife - $3912.93

Our main organization this year has been the Defenders of Wildlife. They support almost every endangered animal imaginable while also helping to clean up destruction and waste, and build a better future. We wholeheartedly support everything this group represents and it is an honor to be able to help them. This amount is being donated at the end of the year in a large sum instead of in partial payments.


Breast Cancer Patients - $439.07

During the month of October, Wildin’ tried to help breast cancer patients and research in any way we saw fit. We went through a local blanket making organization which made gorgeous tie blankets for the company for a donation to be used towards their efforts to support cancer patients and their families. Aside from the original donations, all profits from the tie blankets which could be found on our site also went to cancer research. In addition, small gift packs were produced and hand delivered  to local centers to help cheer up families going through difficult medical situations.


Individuals experiencing homelessness - $186.53

As most states had been experiencing the coldest temperatures in years, many being record-breaking lows throughout late December, the Wildin’ team took to the streets to help make a difference. Small bags containing lip scrubs, lip balms, lotions, and a small cash amounts to cover a meal, were handed out to those out in the bitter cold weather.


Environmental cleanups to date - 12


Since launch, we have sponsored 12 cleanups around the country. Some have been beaches, forests, parks, highly used and cluttered properties, and many more unique locations. As we believe making a difference does not come purely from money but also the commitment to change personally, we have been honored to stand side by side with our ambassadors and work together to make a difference.


Contact Us

Email: info@wildinclothingco.com

Instagram: @wildinclothingco

Facebook: /wildinclothingco




For clothing, we recommend ordering the same sizing you would for a basic t-shirt as all tops fit similarly. Please note women's sizes are slightly fitted but should not change your size preference unless you prefer your clothing more baggy. All accessories are one size fits most and should fit comfortably for the majority of customers. All bottoms fit true to size and should fit if you order in your typical measurement standards. (sizing chart coming soon)

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