About the Founder

My name is Alexa, and I am a 20 year old fromMadison, WI. I am the CEO and founder of Wildin' Clothing Co.

I have always had a passion for fashion design as well as business. While my parents loved it, my school guidance counselors had a few choice words to say about my dreams. They envisioned a better name for the school through "more meaningful work" as one of the top students of my grade and school. I almost gave up on both for a life of law as a family and divorce attorney.

When I was 17, my life took a change for the worse as my dad lost his two year battle to testicular cancer. I turned to fashion design as a coping method, against my counselors' wishes.

One particularly hard day, I drove to my dad and my favorite secluded beach spot to take a breather. Upon arrival, I quickly realized our private spot was no longer private as the entire beach was filled with trash and floating debris.

In that moment it clicked, and I knew my new career. I wanted to pursue the world of fashion through environmental sustainability.

My boyfriend, CFO and business finance major, and I have taken the online retail space by storm since our start just months ago. We put everything we can into growing a meaningful brand that others want to support, while also spreading awareness.

Right now my life consists of family time with my mom, younger sister, and boyfriend, and managing this rapidly growing brand. When I do have free time I enjoy concerts and music festivals, travel, and trying unique new foods from around the world.

I am known as a very outgoing person who holds social causes near and dear. My strengths tend to be creativity and leadership abilities. My biggest weakness, ironically, is typing and using LinkedIn! I am always on the lookout for new advice or partnerships and I highly encourage you to get in contact if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

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